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Sofia's favorite fashion Bloggers

Sofia wants to recommend some of our favorite fashion bloggers. Our list is not in any particular order, just our pick of some of the top Fashion Bloggers. These bloggers were also picked as tops in their profession by the web magazine Fashionista





Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad
This young Italian, who now lives in Los Angeles, has the biggest reach of any individual fashion blogger on our list, she has more than 10 million Instagram followers. She's a global star, as popular in Europe as she is in the U.S. She has graced the cover of Lucky magazine's February issue along with fellow bloggers Nicole Warne and Zanita Whittington.


Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast 
Neely launched Fashion Toast in 2007. Her style of blogging is photo-heavy posts which feature cool clothes and model poses. She has influenced the generation of influencers who have followed her. She has launched her own line. Are You Am I, a collection of slip dresses, tap pants and distinctly cut tees. is notable for its specificity. Her fans love to emulate Neely's style, and they reap great rewards for doing so.

Julia Engel, Gal Meets Glam 
Engel is based in Francisco- , You should try following this up-and-comer in the space. She's has a large following across several platforms, from Pinterest to Instagram. Appealing to the same sorts of readers who worship Lauren Conrad's pretty aesthetic, She gives you lots of opportunities to shop affiliate links. 


 Nicolette Mason 
Mason, who writes a monthly column for Marie Claire and designed her own collection for Modcloth. She is one of the most in-demand bloggers working right now. She helped the launch by promoting the social media around Target's new plus-size collection Ava & Viv .She is also a budding TV personality, offering style advice on programs like "Today" and "Good Morning America." Mason is also known for using her blog as a platform to discuss larger social issues, including race, sexuality and body image. 


Kristina Bazan, Kayture 
This blogger is a Swiss model who has an impressive reach on Facebook , more than 2.1 million likes and 2.4 million folowers on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Bazan is a favorite of high-end brands: she's worked with Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss and Piaget, among others. 


Shea Marie: Peace, Love Shea 
This Los Angeles-based blogger and TV host, does the high-fashion-meets-Southern-California look. It makes many brands mouth water. She's worked with Dior, Gucci, H&M and Guess. 

Aimee Song, Song of Style 
Song,  is a Los Angeles-based interior designer. Her street-style shots have made her popular with brands and readers alike. Song also has an incredible Instagram following of over 4.6 million -- She has YouTube audience, with more than 160,000 subscribers to her channel


 Zanita Whittington
And for those who would like to become a blogger, follow this Stockholm-based Aussie blogger. . Whittington is multi talented and well respected. She is also serious about photography and modeling. Her site is a sort of "how to" for aspiring bloggers, with service pieces on starting a blog and building an audience.


This interesting blog was written in the New York Times FASHION & BEAUTY




This August, the designer Alan Buanne is traveling to Peru with an unlikely mission: to see some of the country’s most rarefied orchids. The flower serves as one of the principal inspirations behind Neous, the shoe label he founded in London in 2015 with his longtime friend, the fashion stylist Vanissa Antonious. “There’s a fascinating simplicity to orchids that I find so beautiful,” says Buanne, whose father and grandfather both competitively bred the bloom. “Now, of course, they are a shared passion,” Antonious adds.